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Month: February 2021

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  • Question on 22nd February 2021

Question on 22nd February 2021

Write a letter to your friend about a job opportunity you came across that they might find interesting. In your letter, you should: - give some details about the job…

Question on 16th February 2021

You have a meeting with your manager the next day. Write a letter telling him/her what you are going to discuss in the meeting. In your letter, you should tell:…

Question on 13th February 2021

People used to live in the same city throughout their lives, but now they change where they live several times. What is the cause? Do you think it is a…

Question on 12th February 2021

Some people believe that too many resources and attention are devoted to the protection of wild animals and birds. To what extend do you agree or disagree?

Question on 06th February 2021

Nowadays, it is more convenient and easier for people to travel to other countries. Is this a positive or negative development?