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Cambridge IELTS 10 Test 4 Task 1


May 13, 2020
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Cambridge IELTS 10 - Test 4 - Task 1

The diagram below shows how geothermal energy is used to produce electricity.

The given diagram illustrates the procedure followed in the production of electricity by using geothermal energy.

Overall, the entire process inside the Geothermal power plant is accomplished in a total of five steps consisting of cold water, the injection well, the underground hot rocks to begin with. In the later stages, a production well connected with a condenser and an electricity generation module is used.

In the first step, the cold water is pumped underground to a depth of 4.5km where it reaches the injection well. Here, the second stage is initiated and this water at low temperature is allowed to pass through a set of hot rocks. This area is known as the geothermal zone as it raises the temperature of the water. This heated liquid then reaches the production well to mark the beginning of the next stage.

The third step involves the pumping of the hot water upwards towards the ground surface over the same distance of 4.5km where it is then collected in a condenser. By this time, the water reaches its gaseous state, and step four begins. This steam is allowed to pass through a narrow channel and it enters a chamber where it is responsible to turn a turbine. This is further connected to an electricity generator which starts rotating and results in the production of electrical current. Using electric wires, it is then sent off to a power grid from where it can be distributed for both household and industrial purposes.

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