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Cambridge IELTS 14 Test 4 Task 1


Sep 22, 2020
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Cambridge IELTS 14 Test 4 - Task 1

The plans below show a public park when it first opened in 1920 and the same park today. Summarize the information by selecting and reporting the main features and make comparisons where relevant.

The given plan map diagrams illustrate the changes from 1920 till today in the public park.

The Grange park had two entrances in 1920, one in the North and another in the South, these remained unchanged and are still in existence today. However, the inside of the park has undergone a lot of changes. Firstly, as one entered the south gate, there used to be a fountain in the middle of the park. It has now been replaced by a Rose garden along with seats on all four sides. Towards the west of the same door, there used to be seated for the visitors followed by a Rose Garden and another set of seats towards the far end, and a stage for the musicians to perform. This area is entirely replaced by an Amphitheatre which is now being used for concerts.

On the opposite side, the eastern end of the south door, a glasshouse was adjacent to the entrance, where currently a water feature is present. Towards the north, the rose garden which was next to the northern entrance is now replaced by a café. Also, the pond for water plants is now a children's play area. The seats on the boundary are no more present.

An underground car park has been added with its entrance from the far east corner of Grange Park.

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