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Some people enjoy change and they look forward to new experiences. Others like their lives to remain the same and do not like any changes. What is your opinion as far as change in life is concerned?

The only constant in life is change. Having said that, there is a difference of opinion amongst the people of the world where some feel excited when there's a break in the monotonous lifestyle and others are comfortable with no changes in their daily routine. As far as I am concerned, I strongly favour the former view since it opens new opportunities for learning and keeps the energies going.

First of all, a change in life is required to open new possibilities for learning. Whenever there's a shift from the normal routine, pupils will encounter new stages in their lives and in order to adjust according to the new normal, they will come up with innovative ways to settle down. This will lead to new lessons in life. While studying in a foreign country, for instance, the student has to take all the important decisions such as financial, social and emotional himself, which makes him more mature.

Furthermore, routine life is boring and changes in lifestyle can bring new energies. This is due to the fact that when a person has to perform the same tasks every day, there's no enthusiasm and it results in boredom. But, when there's a shift from this, the excitement of discovering something new leads to a more energetic lifestyle. To put this into perspective, a working professional would need to take care of his laundry & meal preparation too when he moves to a new city for his job. This challenging situation would make him feel more challenged and have an adrenaline rush all day long.

To conclude, changes in life bring more opportunities to develop as a person rather than staying in the same model throughout the life


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