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Corruption – Band 7.5 Essay


Jun 5, 2020
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Eradication of corruption is not practical or pragmatic, but merely an ideal: give your views

Corruption is rising as an ethical and global problem these days. People always easily talk about its eradication in speeches and during elections. However, I believe that it is not practical to eliminate it 100%, as it is deeply rooted in our society.

Firstly, it has been a part of human nature since humanity began. For all these years since mankind lived, there has been always one in power & authority and the others would preach in order to make them happy. Likewise, it is natural for humans to have a greed of money, strength, superiority, comfortability and some people also push themselves into the limits. Sometimes, even saints become satans because of this. Moreover, the main reason for having these desires is because of the differences each person has. But if we want to eliminate such defilement, we will have to get rid of all the uniqueness each human has, which is impossible. For example, even the Philippines are the world's 1st country with the lowest dishonesty rate but it still exists. Therefore, it can be minimized to maximum but not entirely removed from people's lives, as these are the habits humans have lived with for a long time.

Furthermore, it's an essential part of the society system and sometimes makes things run smoother and quicker as it encourages people to work faster for an extra spend of money. Since everyone works for money, additional cash is always welcome, as a result, corruption may be a boon for both workers and customers since the work gets done quickly with superior quality and they get paid more. For instance, if you're stuck with a police problem and have no means to get out, you may offer a favour to the officer to either leave you or penalize you less harshly. Similarly, this is also observed in schools and colleges where teachers give better grades to their favourite students even though their papers were not worth it. Henceforth, it is almost impossible to completely remove the corruption from the society we're living in.

To conclude, since it is deeply integrated into the structure along with human virtues, I believe that it is close to impossible and complicated to make all Rottnest go away soon enough.

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