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  • Tue. Nov 28th, 2023

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Criminality is growing among children and teenagers. Why is it growing and how should these criminals be treated?

Nowadays, the criminal mindset is growing at an alarming rate, especially among children and teenagers. There are a couple of reasons behind such behavior and there are more than one ways in which a criminal can be treated or punished.

One of the main reasons behind such activities is a youth's home life. If a person's life is disturbed or violent in any way or form, it may reflect directly onto his actions, which can then lead to horrific activities. Additionally, a young person's brain can be molded easily and lack of attention from their parents leads to unlawful situations. Another major cause is their immediate environment, also known as social life. Many reports have showcased that those who live alone, invest most of the time in violent video games, and do not have a group of friends, have a high tendency of losing their empathy for others, as a result, they start getting involved in criminal activities and begin vandalizing other's properties.

To reduce the ever-increasing rate of crime, how these convicts have been treated plays a crucial role. First and foremost, heavy penalties should be imposed on those who are caught in the investigations, and the charges against them are proved in the court. Since most of the wrongdoers are from backward families, they will think twice before getting involved in any crime as the fine imposed will be impossible for them to bear. Furthermore, based on the criminal investigation and shreds of evidence, a culprit should be treated accordingly. If an offense is critical and violent, then there should be the implementation of a fine as well as the offender should be put in prison. If a person commits a petty crime, then penalties and jail time can be less as compared to someone with more serious charges.

In conclusion, it is quite evident that the wrong behavior starts from one's home and parents need to watch their kids closely and their activities. But, these rising numbers can be reduced if they are treated by the severity of the crime.