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Novel reading – Line Chart


Jun 11, 2020
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The line graph shows the amount of novels read by males and females at Delhi Public Library between 2001 and 2004

The line chart illustrated the data from Delhi Public Library about the number of novels read by Men and Women from 2001 to 2004.

Overall, the number of men who read novels followed an increasing trend initially but dropped slightly towards the end in contrast to the female readers, who increased consistently throughout the years.

In 2001 and 2002, the number of books which were read by men rose from just over 4000 to slightly above 8000. This trend continued till 2003 also where it peaked at around 10000, however, the data fell in the following year and closed at about 8000 in the year 2004.

In the case of women, their numbers were lower than the opposite gender initially at around 3000, but the figures got slightly better and reached around 4000 during 2002. From here on, a sharp rise was seen and by the year 2003, both the reading genders at Delhi Public Library were similar at about 10000. Moreover, the feminine reading public grew further and reached its apex of above 14000 in the final year.

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