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People used to live in the same city throughout their lives, but now they change where they live several times. Do you think it is a positive or negative trend?

Recently, people have started shifting cities quite often; however, in the older times, people used to live in the same city for their entire life. As far as I perceive, this new trend is a positive one because the person would be able to meet people from different backgrounds and also it would help the person pursue his career goals.

To begin with, if people change their residing cities often, they would come across new colleagues which would introduce them to their new cultures. When a job seeker decides to relocate himself to a new city, he is also opened with an opportunity to learn various new traits such as language, local cuisines, festivities, and religious cultures. As a result, along with earning more than his previous job, a worker is bestowed upon with additional knowledge which he could never gain while sitting at his home. To put this into perspective, an employee from India would be able to learn German if he decides to work for a company located in Germany, which he could never do if he had decided to stay in India for the rest of his life. Therefore, one should make the most out of this by utilizing the opportunities to enlighten themselves.

Another aspect of my perception of this trend being positive is the fact that, only if people are ready to move to new cities and are not constrained to their residing cities, they will be able to make the most out of their careers. The chances of a person getting a job with better exposure and salary are evidently more if the person is not restricted to a particular city while looking for employment opportunities. Consequently, people are able to climb the ladder of success in their career quickly, if they are open to serve their duties in different places. For instance, a person working for a medium-sized company with a salary of $10,000 per month in Jharkhand would certainly get a higher pay-scale in a metropolitan city like New Delhi, along with abundant options to grow in his career as he will learn a lot of in bigger organizations. Thus, choosing to relocate does bring wonders for the career of the working class.

To sum up, the trend of moving to new cities is an immensely positive trend if the people reap the most out of presented opportunities. People interact and learn about various backgrounds to make themselves a better fulfilled corporate personality and also accomplish their professional aspirations by keeping their minds open about moving to new cities.

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