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Practice Question – 10Jul21

ByHarmeet Kaur

Jul 10, 2021

IELTS General Writing Task 1 (Letter Writing)

You should spend about 20 minutes on this task.

You have seen an advertisement for part-time work in a hotel for three months over the summer. Write a letter to the manager.
In your letter:

  • say what experience you have
  • ask what the work involves
  • enquire about conditions

Here's a sample answer

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing this letter to apply for an opening that was posted in the Hindustan Times newspaper dated 05th July 2021 for a part-time job at The Leela Hotel.
I have an overall experience of three years in the Hotel industry, and I have worked as a receptionist in 5-star hotels like Hyatt and Oberoi in the past few years. My daily work routine mainly involved interacting with guests, understanding their concerns, and providing solutions related to any hospitality services, in order to ensure that they had a wonderful stay at the property. Moreover, I used to take feedback from the travelers about their experience at the hotel to seek improvements which can be done so that the customer satisfaction would always remain on the higher side and eventually attract more guests.

I would like to enquire more about the job responsibilities for this profile, the work timings and if any meals are provided along with the compensation. Also, from when can I join in the event of my selection for this role? I am a student of The Lakehead University and would be glad to have the opportunity to work with yourselves. I am available to work on the weekends as well as during the weekdays and I can work for any shift. Also, if possible, could you inform about the leave policy for the employees. I have enclosed my resume for your reference.

Since this is a part-time work, are there any bonds or contracts attached to this job? I had to sign a contract for 3-months last summer at The Hyatt, so I was wondering if your hotel has such condition or not, although I am not planning to leave work once I have joined. Please inform me about any other terms and conditions which I need to abide by whilst I am at work.

Awaiting correspondence.

Yours faithfully,
Smruti Bhargava

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