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Prevention Cure – Band 8 Essay


Jun 3, 2020
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Prevention is better than cure. Researching and treating diseases is too costly so it would be better to invest in preventive measures. To what extent do you agree?

The world, as we know it, is filled with people suffering from various diseases and are being treated in the hospitals whilst spending loads of money. Seldom we realize that all these troubles could have been avoided at a much earlier stage and the quality of life would have been much better compared to that they are leading today. I completely support the fact that taking precautions is a lot better than getting treated for the problems.

To begin with, every soul breathing on our planet dreams of a happy growth, which can be easily achieved by possessing a healthy body. Just like we teach our generation to wear a seat belt before starting to drive, we can also inculcate healthy habits into them from the early ages. This would prove to be the best gift to the younger generation you can ever offer. Leading a healthy and prosperous lifespan can be achieved by adopting good eating styles, regular exercising and proper sleep patterns - there is no need to see a doctor or eat grouse medicines when you can easily switch to simpler and efficient ways.

Moreover, the treatment not only brings an un-natural environment, but also costs a whole lot of money. The monies spent in hospitals accounts for a large part of the monthly earnings. The tables can simply be turned around and a lot of cash can be saved by taking measures that do not lead to diseases. The earning saved from the bills may be used towards a much better lifestyle and relaxation while keeping the family members happier rather than jumping to and fro between hospital and home.
Additionally, the strategy of staying away from troubles doesn't only imply to the medical issues, but can also be implemented in the daily life too. For instance, staying away from someone who always indulges in a quarrel or a fight might be a good idea instead of avoiding the shadow of such personality even when you know you'll be the winner.

To conclude, even when the remedies are available, it is rather better to follow a path which keeps us away from the paws of sorrow.

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