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Producing Electricity using Coal and Oxygen


May 18, 2022
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The given illustration depicts how electricity is produced by using some coal and oxygen.

The entire procedure is completed in various steps. Overall, the equipment used is a furnace, a generator connected to a gas turbine, a steam generator and a steam turbine connected to a generator. The produced electricity is transported to a tower.

Initially, some granulated coal and oxygen are fed to the furnace which separates the particles of coal from the raw syngas by collecting the granules at the bottom of the furnace as slag. Then, carbon dioxide, mercury and sulphur are removed from the syngas which produces pure syngas. This gas is then sent to a gas turbine which is connected to a generator that generates electricity and sends it to the tower.

Electricity can also be produced by directing the heated syngas from the gas turbine to a steam generator which will cool the gas-forming steam. Excess gas will escape from the chimney of the building. This steam will then go to the steam turbine which will rotate and thus generate electricity. Finally, the electricity produced is transferred to the tower for its usage.

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