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Production Diagram – Process Flow


Sep 18, 2020
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The given process diagram shows the entire process of production of a product and its journey from designing to the end consumer.

Overall, the entire process of manufacturing products by the company is completed in seven steps. The first step being the production and designing, identification of materials and energy sources necessary and then followed by the actual manufacturing process. The packaging and retailing in shops take up as the further steps. The most important step is the consumer feedback.

In the initial step, a base design of the product is prepared on a computer using a professional software. This is crucial as it decides what all materials and power requirements are necessary in the second step. Once these are complete, the step 3 is initiated where the actual production takes place in a factory or production house. The completed products are stored here only. The next step in line is the packaging and distribution network where the finished goods are packed in their containers and sent to various shops for selling. The sales in these shops mark the step 5 and from hereon, these products reach the end consumers. As mentioned earlier, this is very important since the users of the good provide their valuable feedback, which is then sent directly to the designers for further improvement.

Once they've used the goods to their liking, they can either dispose them off or send it to the company for recycling, which is the last step in the entire process.

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