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  • Tue. Nov 28th, 2023

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IELTS Writing Task 2 (Essay Writing)

People have started to opt for packed food over home-cooked food. Does it have more Advantages or Disadvantages?

Here's a sample response

In recent times, it is often observed that a lot of people have begun to choose packed food items instead of consuming the ones which are cooked at home. As far as my opinion is concerned, I advocate that this has more disadvantages since it is both unhealthy and expensive, although it is easily available.

The food which the young generation loves to buy from the shelves of their favorite stores and eat it at their convenience has a couple of bad effects. To begin with, it is not at all economical compared to the food that is cooked at home. The price at which one person fulfills his hunger is almost the same as the expenses incurred for an entire family if they had prepared their own meal, which is due to the fact that such packed items are prepared by large profit-making companies which focus on selling their goods at high prices at all times. Another disadvantage is that these items are absolutely unhealthy since they may not be prepared from fresh ingredients and use preservatives to improve the shelf life of the product, whereas, the food cooked at home uses fresh vegetables and no additional additives are added to increase the life of the plate. Therefore, the decision of going for shelved products is not at all beneficial when compared to home food.

On the other hand, the only advantage of these products is that they are easily available whenever one feels hungry. The majority of the population is working and might not have a home kitchen available at all times of the day, instead of waiting for someone to prepare a meal for them at the office, they can simply purchase a food packet and consume it without any delay. For example, if a working professional, who is doing a night shift, feels hungry at 2 am, the easiest and the quickest option would be to purchase a packed burger or a pizza 24x7 Store and consume it. Hence, the ready-to-eat meals are a real boon for the present-day generation.

To conclude, even though the packaged food is easily accessible, it does come bundled with the ill effect of being expensive and most importantly, it is not good for healthy living.

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