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Skills Improvement – Band 7.5 Essay


Jun 5, 2020
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Some people think that a person improves intellectual skills better when doing group activities. To what extent do you agree? Use specific details and examples to explain your view.

These days, some people state that group activities are the wiser ways for people to improve intellectual skills. This term concludes skills to express one's ideas, understanding them, and these techniques lead to being intelligent. I believe that  implementing this will not improve intellectual skills, and performing independently would help better for one to improve these techniques.

Firstly, people who have a shy personality would not benefit from such arrangements.The primary reason behind  society activities is for a person to freely express her ideas and debate about them along with their participants. However, this basic purpose may not succeed in fewer circumstances. For instance, if children with two contradicting personalities such as one being timid and another very self-opinionated are in the same band, batch won't succeed since a child who can well insist on his/her ideas would ignore the other's ideas. In this context, the class task would have failed as teammates wouldn't have cooperated well thus might learn wrong facts. However, self opinionated child could  do the job well, even if they are assigned to an individual task, as they will always express their ideas well regardless whether they are on a team or not. As a result, a struggle for shy personalities may lead to a decrease in their intellectual skills instead of benefiting them.

Additionally, crowd activity's results only depend on its members. There are various people in a society, and you might not be lucky to always have good teammates who have amazing ideas. There are people who don't participate, and those who have responsibility will have to cover all the tasks, even for the teammates who doesn't work at all. In these situations, activities with multiple personalities are not the best ideas as teammates with no responsibility wouldn't use their skills at all since their jobs are done their colleagues, which will fail to improve intellectual skills, and despite those who have responsibility would have improved intellectual skills, they would stress because of not responsible teammates. For example, I had a science task where me and my team members were supposed to create an object and present it to pupils. But the team harmony didn't function well, resulting me to do all the job and rest of the peers play.When completing independent actions, this problem simply would disappear as everyone must do their assignment, brainstorm themselves, and speak for one-selves.

To conclude, I do not support the fact that performing tasks in clusters would improve intellectual skills, in fact doing individual tasks would rather prove beneficial for an individual.

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