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  • Sat. Feb 24th, 2024

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Should smoking in public places be banned?: give your views

Nowadays, where smoking is increasing,  I believe that smoking itself is fine, but smoking in common places such as parks, rivers and beaches should be strictly restricted.

Firstly, it affects other people's health. One of the reasons why people try to stop smoking is because it causes many diseases such as lung cancer, low blood pressure, etc. However, according to one scientific research, passive smoking has a greater negative impact on people, as while smokers smoke, half of the materials get filtered before it goes inside their body. On the other hand, the fumes that get released and get through the non-smokers body are not filtered. Each year in America, about 3,400 nonsmokers die from lung cancer which was caused due to inhalation of smoke that was exhaled by others. For example, if a young non-smoker got diagnosed with lung cancer, he shouldn't be blamed for and such terminal illness could have been easily prevented if we had banned smoking in public places. Therefore, there is no reason why we should not ban smoking in the spots where tons of people gather around and eventually suffer diseases due to no mistake of theirs. 

Additionally, it influences one's value. During puberty, where one's priorities are formed, it is very important to see right and good scenes, which will perturb oneself's philosophy. That being said, how would one young adult's view be formed if what they are seeing in daily lives are smokers? Of course,  they would look up to them and get inspired by their attitude. For instance, I had a cousin brother and he started smoking illegally at the age of 18. I asked him the reason why he started it, and it was because he saw gangs smoking which seemed cool. Now he got addicted to cigarettes that he can't even control. Hence, because it affects people mentally, tobacco should be banned, especially in public areas where it has lots of growing people.

To conclude, due to cigar's impact on health and logic, I think smoking in public areas should be banned.