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  • Sat. Feb 24th, 2024

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Many people believe that social networking websites such as facebook and instagram, have had a huge negative impact on both individual and society. To what extent do you agree?

People now say that the 4th revolution is about AI, having characteristics such as hyper-connectivity and super-intelligence, in which social networking cannot be forgotten. However, despite the fact that mass media take a very important place in the 4th revolution, I fully agree that SNS has a negative impact on individuals and society.

Firstly, it can be the main source of distraction. SNS engage people to be constantly online through never ending alarms. As every minute passes, more new posts and stories come out for people to look. Even when trying to do work, these commercials simply pop up on your screen, letting you to gradually click the site. The reason why such temptations are non-beneficial is because these enable the users to stop functioning and put their effort into playing with SNS, as they are far more interesting and provocative compared to off-line works. My personal experience can be a good example. Me having a Facebook account, even when I opened my laptop for homework, all sorts of advertisements arose, causing me to get disturbed and postpone the act I was doing. Therefore,despite the fact that there are good posts on the internet, the truth is that the people are more attracted towards the fancy looking content which, most of the time, is not beneficial for them and simply keeps them away from doing productive services.

Furthermore, it gives no benefit and is a waste of time. Although the main feature of SNS is addictive and sensational, they are unprofitable at the same period. Social Media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, are where people randomly post pictures along with write-ups, and the majority of people just sit for endless hours looking at those pictures while commenting on them. However, this activity serves no fruitful purpose in any way as it's just an image without any background story. It would be more effective for the public to read books instead. For instance, I had a sister who got a new account on YouTube. Obviously, she couldn't control herself and got addicted to watching random videos every hour of the day. She sacrificed her sleep hours to watch nonsense content and commenting on them, and suffered amnesia through constant watching of videos. Hence, even if one has a strong faith in themselves and has the power to control it, we all being human, people will get distracted and become unproductive regardless of their own will.

To conclude, due to such temptation which has no gains, but disadvantages, I totally agree that social networks have a negative impact on the community.

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